Audit and Quality Improvement

Auditing VTE prevention care is a requirement of the NHS Standard Contract (2018-2019) and is also a significant part of the Exemplar Centre criteria.

 VTE exemplar centre criteria

NHS England values clinical audit as “a way to find out if health care is being provided in line with standards, letting care providers and patients know where their service is doing well, and where there could be improvements.” (NHS England 2018)

NHS Standard Contract VTE audit requirements

The current NHS Standard Contract (NHS Standard Contract 2017/19 and 2018/19 Service Conditions (Full Length) May 2018 edition) outlines on page 21 (SC22 Venous Thromboembolism) the requirements for VTE related audit. These are;

  • Compliance with NICE guidance for VTE prevention. Assurance of compliance can only be achieved via audit.
  • Service users risk of VTE and the percentage of patients who receive appropriate thromboprophylaxis.

Results of audits should be reported to the relevant commissioners.

VTE Prevention Audits

Aside from the required national data collection for VTE risk assessment, Exemplar Centres are required to audit;

  • % of patients receiving appropriate thromboprophylaxis
  • % patients receiving written information on admission and discharge

Results of audits of VTE prevention practice have been published and have often been used to drive quality improvement programs.

VTE poster examples